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Celkem bude 10 lekcí každou středu od 10:00 - 11:00 v deseti týdnech a cena celého kurzu je 2500 Kč. Zkušební hodina bude zdarma ve středu 2.10.2019.

Rezervace místa smskou na čísle ‭732 862 861‬.

Představení lektorky:

Hello! My name is Cristina, I was born and raised in Venezuela and spent time in the USA, where I improved my speaking skills. I have a degree in Pedagogy and have taught English in four different countries. I believe teaching at a young age works best when it's associated with fun and playtime, which means there will be a lot of songs, games, and interactive materials. My goal is for children to be excited to go to class and have fun while learning. See you in class!